Volunteer For Charity at GiveCamp

I’ve heard developers say they want to help non-profits with their technical skills. I know I’m this way. Often times the problem that has scared me away is when I volunteer with an organization they’ll think I can be an IT guy for them. I really don’t want to do this. What I always wanted was a way to sit down in a focused sprint and do some good for a non-profit. This is where GiveCamp comes in.

GiveCamp is a series of camps where technical people connect with a non-profit for a focused sprint and hand off a product at the end. For example, a team of 6 might spend a weekend building a website for a non-profit and hand it off to them at the end of the weekend.

Are you a developer, Drupal site builder, designer, DevOps, organizer, sponsor type, or someone else in this arena who wants to help? If so consider volunteering at a GiveCamp or helping to organize one.

I for one will be volunteering at the Ann Arbor GiveCamp coming up in September.