Drupal, HP Cloud, and PHP

Cloud computing is something a lot of Drupal developers are interested in these days. As someone who works on the cloud, works for a cloud provider, and does a lot of Drupal work I want to see Drupal and HP Cloud (my cloud of choice) easily work together. So, we are releasing PHP Bindings and a Drupal module that uses them to bring the HP Cloud to Drupal.

Language Bindings

At the core of enabling Drupal to work with HP Cloud is a PHP library to do the heavy lifting. In the initial release of the library the functionality for identity services (authentication), object storage, and CDN for object storage are available. More features will come to this library over time.

For the technical minded this library:

  • Is PHP 5.3+ based.
  • Uses PSR-0 Naming.
  • Provides a low level API and stream wrappers.
  • Works with Composer.
  • Has a ton of documentation.

Drupal Support

Imagine mounting public or private files from Object Storage right into Drupal. With all the public files being served out of a CDN. Or, automating backups to Object Storage. The HPCloud Drupal module enables this. This module ties HP Cloud services right into the core of Drupal.

If you’re a Backup and Migrate user you can use the module to backup right to Object Storage.

Kudos to Matt Butcher

Matt Butcher wrote the code powering both the language bindings and Drupal module. The code is a great example of well documented, tested, and well written code. Kudos to Matt.

Full Discosure: I work for HP Cloud in the developer experience department.