Drupal 8 and Front End Performance

At DrupalCon Denver I spoke on Front End Performance improvements we can make to Drupal, why they are important, and provided some information about what’s happening technically so we can spot more cases to improve. This presentation was targeted at low barrier to entry changes we can make in Drupal 8 with the short amount of time we have until the feature freeze. If you’re interested in front end performance, making Drupal really perform on mobile, or just want to heckle me checkout these slides and video.

The Slides

Most of the relevant information is in the slides. There is a portion at the end of the video where some questions were discussed and some other topics came up.

If you have trouble viewing the slides they are also available on Speaker Deck. A mobile friendly version is available through slideshare.

The Video

*If you have trouble with the video it is up on [Blip](http://blip.tv/drupalcondenver/front-end-performance-improvements-6036741).*