Where the CNCF TOC Members Are In the World (for 2022)

While I was looking at where CNCF contributors are in the world I also wondered, how to the Technical Oversight Committee (TOC) members overlap with these locations? To summarize the data, contributors are distributed around the globe (mostly in the northern hemisphere) fairly evenly in North America, Europe, and Asia.

The TOC is responsible for defining common practices across projects, approving projects, defining interfaces between projects, and so forth. It plays a role with the projects.

With varying cultures and environments around the world, I wondered, where the TOC members were at compared to contributors.

Disclaimer: at the writing of this post I am a member of the TOC.

TOC Locations

There are two ways to look a the TOC member locations. First there is by country. But, while this is useful it’s also useful to look things by region of the world. Comparing the US to an individual country in Europe doesn’t always work well. Comparing an individual state in the US to a country in Europe or looking at all of Europe compared to all of North America can provide insights in a different way.

So, we will look at country and region breakdown.

This is for the TOC for it’s makeup in 2022. Every year we start by electing half of the seats.

By Country

  • United States: 7
  • United Kingdom: 2
  • Germany: 1
  • Switzerland: 1

By Region

  • North America: 7
  • Europe: 4


36% of contributors come from Europe, 32% from North America, 26% from Asia, and 6% are from the rest of the world. Committers are a little different. 36% are from North America, 31% from Europe, 29% in Asia, and 4% are in the rest of the world.

64% of the TOC is from North America and 36% are from Europe. Asia and the rest of the world are not represented. The TOC geographical distribution doesn’t reflect that of the contributors and committers.