Artifact Hub: Notifications and Webhooks

Artifact versions regularly change and new releases come out. Cloud native software changes and it can be difficult to stay on top of the changes. Notifications and webhooks when updates come out are rarely available for consumers. The Artifact Hub is different. It now provides notifications and webhooks, that you can use for programming, when new releases of packages come out.

Email Notifications

Artifact Hub Notifications

One of the new features to the Artifact Hub is the ability for users to get email notifications when a package has a new release. In this example, I would get an email each time a new version of the WordPress chart from Bitnami is released.


Email notifications are good for some cases but, if you are like me you want to use automation to act on updates. A feature that both users and organizations can setup is webhooks when a new release occurs on one or more packages.

Artifact Hub Webhooks

By default, the payload is compatible with CloudEvents. There is an option for a custom payload where you have the ability to customize the output.

If you want to keep up on updates to your Helm charts, this is a great way to get started.