Kubernetes: Take The Apps Survey

When it comes to applications, the last few years has been incredibly busy for Kubernetes. Here are a few things to illustrate what’s been happening:

  1. The Workload APIs (e.g., Deployments) were incepted and have gone all the way to general availability.
  2. Helm has gone from an idea, through a version 1, through a merger with deploymented manager to produce a version 2, and is now starting work on version 3.
  3. Docker Composer was created and proved to be popular enough a tool was created to migrate from Docker Composer configuration to Kubernetes configuration. That tool is Kompose.
  4. The ecosystem is starting to explode with tools from Telepresence to Gitkube to ksonnet to more than I can name here.

With so much that’s happened and so much going on, both in the Kubernetes project and in the ecosystem, it’s useful to step back and take stock. This is a chance for the community working on tools to make sure we’re listening to the people who use them.

To do that we have created the Kubernetes Application Survey. If deal with applications in or for Kubernetes we ask that you take a few minutes and let us know what you think. It will help those working on tools build what comes next.