DCO Signoff In GitHub UI

On the Helm charts project the maintainers occasionally use the GitHub UI to make quick changes to a pull request. This is typically to fix something in a README file or to increment a version. We are trying to help contributors who make minor typos, are not native english speakers, or who run into version immutability collisions.

When Helm moved to a Developers Certificate of Origin it meant those little changes made in the GitHub UI now needed a DCO signoff to pass. Remembering to add that and what exactly to type is a bit of a pain.

So, Scott Rigby who is one of the charts maintainers went and made a browser extension for that. It runs in Chrome and Firefox. Once installed you go to the preference to add you name and email address. After that the GitHub UI commit screens will have the DCO signoff pre-filled for you.

dco signoff Firefox extension page

If you deal with DCO signoffs and the GitHub UI there is now an extension for that. Thanks Scott.