Kubernetes: SIG Apps

Are you operating applications that run inside Kubernetes? Or, are you a developer deploying your applications into Kubernetes? It’s not always been obvious where in the Kubernetes community you could get involved since so much of it is focused on building Kubernetes itself.

That has now changed with the addition of SIG Apps. To quote the mission:

A Special Interest Group for deploying and operating applications in Kubernetes.

We focus on the developer and devops experience of running applications in Kubernetes. We discuss how to define and run apps in Kubernetes, demo relevant tools and projects, and discuss areas of friction that can lead to suggesting improvements or feature requests.

This special interest group you’ll find:

  • Demos on tools for operators and developers.
  • Discussions about running applications in k8s.
  • Discussions on building tools that aide operators and developers.
  • Looking for ways to improve the experience for those of us running apps in k8s.
  • Generally being an organized voice for users in this space.

There are a few ways to get connected with this group. There is a Slack channel (signup for slack here), mailing list, and weekly meeting.

If you’re interested in this space please come join us.