The First DrupalCamp Michigan

DrupalCampMI-2011.pngThis December 3rd will be the very first DrupalCamp Michigan. Our initial go at a DrupalCamp will be a one day event at the Crowne Plaza in Novi. The event is being sponsored and attended by the local Drupal shops of Commerce Guys, Mustardseed Media, Switchback, and Commercial Progression.

If you’re interested in attending head on over to for more details and to register. Space is limited.

Our hope is to bring out many of the local Drupalers so we can better get to know each other. While there are a number of prominent Drupal developers in the area and some prominent shops, the community has yet to extensively connect with each other. We hope this DrupalCamp will be a great opportunity to build connections in the local community.

If you’re interested in connecting with other Michigan based Drupal developer in IRC, head over to #drupal-michigan on freenode.

Michiganders, it’s time to connect. If you’re a local Drupal developer come checkout the first DrupalCamp Michigan.