More Git GUIs

Git GUIs have changed quite a bit since this post. For a more updated list see the Git website.

After posting about SmartGit in a recent post I was contacted about numerous other Git GUI programs. While I think SmartGit is the best all around solution for your average users there are other programs for Git GUI users to consider. The nice part of these programs is that they are free for commercial use.


Git Gui (ffpc) /Users/mfarina/workspace/ffpc Git GUI is included with a git installation. From the command line you can type `git gui` to start it up. Git GUI provides most of what you need to work in Git.

Why didn’t I recommend this previously? I don’t believe Git GUI is very intuitive. If someone isn’t familiar with the intricacies of Git it can be easy to get lost in the interface. So, for your average user I wouldn’t make it my first choice.

Two notices for Mac users:

  • If you are on a Mac and would like to open a project right into Git GUI there is a Droplet for that.
  • If you are on OS X Leopard you may get an error about a missing framework. To use it you'll need to install the framework.


If you are a windows user familiar with TortoiseSVN or any of the other Tortoise version control interfaces than TortoiseGit may be for you.

Since I am no longer a Windows user (except for some Internet Explorer testing) I cannot really provide a review. I hear good things about it and it expect to be in the same line as many of the other Tortoise applications.


ffpc (branch: master) GitX, a mac application, is not like the other GUIs I've written about. The other GUIs provide the base features your average user can use. GitX doesn't provide those. GitX lets you visualize the source tree, see diffs, and visualize where a project repo is at. You can't commit, checkout, or do other basic commands in GitX.

For what GitX does, it does it well.

While I have shared these other tools I still believe SmartGit is the best option for average users at this point.