5 More Hot & Free Drupal 6 Themes

Over the past year the number of good looking freely available Drupal themes has really gone up. Yet, I am still amazed at how many sites are still using Garland as their theme. Especially the personal sites of so many Drupal developers. Don’t get me wrong, Garland is a great theme. It’s just a very well used theme which means its lost some of it’s luster. So on the heels of my post about 5 Hot and Free Drupal 6 Themes, here are 5 more well designed themes for your usage considerations.



The design for Notechaos started it’s life as a Wordpress theme. It was designed by Evan Eckard. Web++ converted the design to Drupal.


cleanfolio.jpg Cleanfolio is another theme by Web++ and the design originally came from designmag.


Skyroots.jpg The design for Skyroots is a design right out of the CSS Zen Garden. Axel Hebenstreit, the original designer, provided permission for the design to be converted into a Drupal theme. Ekendra Dasa created the theme.


celadon.jpg The Celadon design was originally created by Themes Boutique and ported to Drupal by Sandian Studio.


Fervens.jpg Fervens Was originally created by Design Disease and brought to us by Smashing Magazine. The Drupal port was done by Leow Kah Thong.

Do you have a favorite hot and free Drupal theme? If so, I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.