5 Hot & Free Drupal 6 Themes

Drupal has long been known as a CMS with few good free themes and even fewer that anyone would call hot. While there have been many great sites built with Drupal the lack of hot free themes has long been discouraging. That is, until recently. Over the past year there has been a boom in hot free Drupal themes so here are 5 of them that recently caught my eye.

Note: Each of these themes has a demo site that can be viewed from their project pages.

Dark Elegance

Dark EleganceDark Elegance is a good looking dark background theme with a nice looking header. If you want to modify that for your taste a PSD of the header is provided.

The white background in the content area makes it easy for content consumers to zoom in on the main piece of content in the page and everything looks to be nicely themed right down to the form elements and buttons.

This theme was provided by Dezinerfolio.

Elements Theme

Nicolas Borda's portfolio | Freelance Drupal Themer, Free Drupal ThemesThe design for the Elements Theme started as a design by Jason Schuller for his WP Elements website. Thankfully, Nicolas Borda ported the theme to Drupal for us.

An interesting feature in this theme is the main navigation. Its more than just a set of links and is displaying the main navigation in a manner that’s turning into a new trend.

This module does feature integration with Version 1 of the Admin Module.

Strange Little Town

Blogs | Drupal Strange Little TownThe name is what caught my attention in the Strange Little Town theme. That and all the pink.

If you are wondering why the name is Strange Little Town you need to look no further than the bottom of the page in the demo to find the town. For some reason it reminds me of the Cat in the Hat crossed with the Nightmare Before Christmas.

The design was created by Magical.nu and ported to Drupal by Webzer.net.

Ebizon RedFire

Redfire 2013 Free CSS templateEbizon RedFire is a very clean Drupal theme. The kind of theme I could see a small business or a professional blog using. The simple design is in contrast to the previous ones posted here. Simple can be hot and eye catching and this is.

This theme reminded me that good design isn’t about graphics or cramming flashy elements into a site. Good design helps to convey the content on the site. The clean design here looks good and easily gets out of the way of the content.

The design is by David Kohout and turned into a Drupal theme by http://ebizontek.com.


Drupal PlaygroundGardening is a beautifully designed theme.

In this theme virtually everything is given a graphic treatment providing for a fluid design from top to bottom. It starts at the flowers and skyline and the top, flowing down the brick wall, to the vines that come up from the bottom providing a treat for anyone who makes it to the bottom.

The design was originally created for Wordpress by EZwpthemes and ported to Drupal by Azri Design