Welcome to the Code Engineered

Welcome to the Code Engineered, a site about creating the next generation of web coolness.

The Story

I first noticed a problem about a year ago. I was talking to a friend who is going to school to learn how to create web solutions. What they were teaching her was completely wrong. She learned things like table based layout, writing code in an ad hoc manner, and basically doing all kinds of bad practices.

Talking with her and learning her experiences framed the questions I was regularly asked in a new light. I started to understand the development mentality behind a lot of what I was seeing. Instead of frustration with the developers I was interacting with I wanted to share something better with them.

What This Site Is About

So, the Code Engineered was born. It's about engineering principles for creating web solutions. It's about a framework for building an application, the tools needed to build great things, and the principles to build scalable, sustainable, maintainable, and otherwise solid applications.

What To Expect

I hope to post 2 or 3 short articles a week. To kick things off I'm going to talk about some of the technologies I used in building this site and why I used them. The most important part is why I choose what I did rather than the other options out there. If you're interested please subscribe to the feed or via email.