Kubernetes Helm: What Platform Package Managers Do

Now that development for Helm version 3 has kicked off, I'm starting to hear a wide variety of opinions on what Helm should do and how it relates to what other platform package managers do. What I'm learning is that not everyone realizes how much functionality is packed into the package managers they're using.

To illustrate the features in package managers, let's take a look at APT). APT is the package manager for Debian and Debian based platforms such as Ubuntu. It's been released since August of 1998 and has been in wide use for a long time.

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Dealing With Open Source Conflict

Conflict seems to happen in open source communities. As I'm, once again, in an open source community with some conflict going on I wanted to reflect on some excellent lessons I've learned over the years. I've had the opportunity to be in communities during seasons of conflict.

Rather than keeping these reflections to myself, I wanted to share them so that others could reflect and hopefully build on some of these reflections.

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Comcast vs Frontier: Comparing New High-Speed DSL and Cable Internet

For a few days I had both Frontier DSL (the new high speed kind) and Comcast Xfinity Internet running side by side. This gave me a chance to do a analysis of the two providers. What follows is some of the detail from that.

For some of us this is useful because Comcast has a 1 TB monthly cap on usage (though you can pay $50 a month to remove the cap or pay extra for the overage) while Frontier doesn't. If you watch a lot of streaming video (cord cutters?), especially 4k UHD, or do much work from home with large files this could make a difference.

There are also those who just really want to ditch Comcast and are looking for alternatives.

It turns out that DSL can now do things like 100 Mb/s down and higher. It depends on how close you live to the switch, of course, but this can compete with the speeds of cable Internet providers.


For those of you who are interested in a quick conclusion...

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