Comcast vs Frontier: Comparing New High-Speed DSL and Cable Internet

For a few days I had both Frontier DSL (the new high speed kind) and Comcast Xfinity Internet running side by side. This gave me a chance to do a analysis of the two providers. What follows is some of the detail from that.

For some of us this is useful because Comcast has a 1 TB monthly cap on usage (though you can pay $50 a month to remove the cap or pay extra for the overage) while Frontier doesn't. If you watch a lot of streaming video (cord cutters?), especially 4k UHD, or do much work from home with large files this could make a difference.

There are also those who just really want to ditch Comcast and are looking for alternatives.

It turns out that DSL can now do things like 100 Mb/s down and higher. It depends on how close you live to the switch, of course, but this can compete with the speeds of cable Internet providers.


For those of you who are interested in a quick conclusion...

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Kubernetes Community Charts: Now With OWNERS

Charts Repository on GitHub

For some time there has been a community managed set of Helm Charts to install applications into Kubernetes. These have been a popular way to get up and going with applications in Kubernetes.

These charts have been created and maintained by many in the Kubernetes community. While many people have created then and helped managed them, only a handful of people have been able to merge changes to them. Until now.

The community charts repository is now setup so that Chart maintainers can get access to merge changes to their charts.

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Learning Kubernetes-isms: OWNERS files, approvers, and reviewers

The Kubernetes community has a number of Kubernetes-isms. That is, things specific to the Kubernetes community that those in the tribe know but may not be obvious to those outside or new to it. One such area is the notion of approvers, reviewers, and the use of OWNERS files scattered around the codebase. So, let's break down what's going on here.

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