Container Image Search In Artifact Hub

Docker Sunset Docker Hub

Docker has decided to sunset free organizations on Docker Hub. This has created some feelings of unrest in the open source community at large. There is a program for open source projects.

This got me wondering, why is Docker Hub the go to location for container images? Why don’t more projects use GitHub Container Registry, Quay, or one of the many other registries? The answer is simple and can be found in their open source organization guide:

increased visibility makes it easier for your project to be discovered

Docker Hub has the “root namespace” so to speak. docker search works against Docker Hub and doesn’t include the other registries. In fact, there is no OCI specification for search. Tools have no common API to use.

There is a discover-ability problem. How do people discover distributed container images around the Internet?

This is where Artifact Hub, a CNCF project, comes in.

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Where the CNCF TOC Members Are In the World (for 2022)

While I was looking at where CNCF contributors are in the world I also wondered, how to the Technical Oversight Committee (TOC) members overlap with these locations? To summarize the data, contributors are distributed around the globe (mostly in the northern hemisphere) fairly evenly in North America, Europe, and Asia.

The TOC is responsible for defining common practices across projects, approving projects, defining interfaces between projects, and so forth. It plays a role with the projects.

With varying cultures and environments around the world, I wondered, where the TOC members were at compared to contributors.

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CNCF Contributors Are Global

It has long been suggested to me that contributions to the CNCF are mostly United States centered. At times people use that to justify various things from the times meetings are scheduled for to the way certain things are prioritized. I was wondering, how true is this notion? To find out, I decided to see what devstats made available. What I found was enlightening.

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What's Up With Rancher Fleet?

Several months ago, I moved from working on Rancher Desktop to work on Fleet. At the time, there wasn’t much development of Fleet and there were a lot of questions with it. Some of those were around feature requests, some of those were around bugs, and some of those were around the level of SUSE Rancher investment in Fleet.

I think actions speak louder than words. Now that we have two releases with Fleet changes behind us, I can show some of the things that have been happening.

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