What is serverless, anyway?

When DigitalOcean polled developers on serverless, for their June 2018 issue of currents, one of their findings was that half of developers did not have a strong understanding of serverless. Since serverless provides benefits for developers and operators in some situations it's worth understanding well enough to know how to leverage.

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Helm vs Kustomize: Managing Complexity

When Kustomize came into the spotlight conversations quickly moved to compare it to Helm. We have it in our nature to debate tools. Just look at the long standing Vim vs Emacs debates. While these tools are really tangential to each other, there are elements to this discussion worth bringing to the surface and thinking though. One such worthy area is to look at who has to handle which parts of the complexity.

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Dependency Management: Know Your People

At the heart of dependency management, whether we're talking about programming languages or higher level platforms such as operating systems, is people. Dependency management is a social act of people sharing and using each others work.

With people at the center of it all we have to deal with things like:

  1. Trust. Who trusts who and to what amount? How do we verify something came from a trusted source? What about people caring about different needs of trust?
  2. Accidents. People aren't perfect. We screw up. How do we handle and work with imperfect people?
  3. Disagreements. We are good at disagreeing. We end up putting a lot of work into trying to come together. Yet, even when we work together on specs or agree to use them there are cases where people break from them. How do we handle that?

Even before we get to any of this we need to acknowledge that people take on quite different roles in the system of dependency management. Those roles can be wildly different from each other. Sometimes we even need to talk about which role to prioritize over another when making design decision.

Yet, how often do we think of these roles and their differences? Let's take a look at them and see what we can find.

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Go vgo: A Look At User Needs

What do users need from their package dependency management? A lot has already been written on this including the output from a survey of Go developers, a specification for a dependency management tool by those who studied the issue and possible solutions, a series on vgo by Russ Cox, and even follow-up posts by Sam Boyer, one of the dep maintainers. With so many words already written, what more do people need to consider?

When Sam Boyer recently quoted Alistair Cockburn in his write-up on MVS failure modes I realized we aren't all thinking of people the same way. Dependency management tools are there to aid people. Who are these people and what do they need and want?

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