Glide 0.3.0 Released

Development of Glide, the workspace (i.e. GOPATH) and package dependency management tool, has been happening at a good pace. Since the 0.2.0 release a number of good changes have landed. So, we’re releasing the 0.3.0 version.

In the 0.3.0 release some major changes landed including:

  • Support to import from GPM and Godep.
  • Added GOOS and GOARCH support.
  • If a Git ref matches the current version it uses a fastpath.
  • If you switch VCS for a project to Git it handles that cleanly.
  • glide gopath is now smarter in detecting the GOPATH.
  • And numerous bug fixes.

Thanks to all those who contributed. You can download the latest release from Github.

Note, if you manage Glide versions with homebrew an update has been submitted.