Podman vs Nerdctl

The Docker CLI has some competition in the form of podman and nerdctl. Recent changes in the Docker ecosystem have caused some folks to start looking at what the other options are. Since these are two of the most capable Docker CLI alternatives, it’s worth looking at them.

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Always Be Connecting Dots

Always Be Connecting Dots (ABCD)

I think it was Rajeev Pandey who shared this with me.

Technology is complicated and getting more so. Take Kubernetes as an example. To understand the environment that created it, it’s useful to know how Google builds their data centers and about the cluster operating system they use (borg - a predecessor to Kubernetes). It’s also useful to know the other history to Kubernetes at Google. All of this is in addition to knowing the API and how resources work.

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New Open Source Projects from SUSE / Rancher

The first have of 2021 has been quite a half year at SUSE / Rancher. Numerous new open source projects have been launched covering a wide array of areas. I’m enjoying seeing all the innovation taking place as these new projects try to find their footing. These are in addition to projects like Harvester that started in 2020. Let’s take a look at some of these projects…

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